Altar Servers


  Generally, to be an Altar Server in Holy Cross, the candidate’s family must be a member of the parish.  The young boy or girl should have received first communion and, as a minimum, be in the 5th grade.  They must then attend a training session and we like to have them shadow experienced servers at least twice before becoming certified as an Altar Server.


Anyone interested in becoming an Altar Server should complete the application form, then contact Dn. Michael Kromm at 805-529-6710 or at for more information.  (Click here for an Application Form)

Altar Servers should check the Master Schedule for Altar Servers which is sent to each server and posted on the bulletin board near the Sacristy, frequently to make sure they are aware of what Masses they are scheduled to serve.  If you are not able to cover a Mass for which you are scheduled it’s your responsibility to find a replacement from among the other servers.  



                                                                      Prayer before Serving

                                                                    Thank you, Lord Jesus,

                                                                  for calling me to serve at your altar.

                                                                    Please give me the grace

                                                                    to serve you and your people well.

                                                                   Open my mouth to praise you in word and song.

                                                                   Open my ears to hear your Word.

                                                                   Open my hands to do your work well.

                                                                    I give you praise and glory in everything I do

                                                                    now and forever.  Amen.

The calling to be an altar server is a ministry and your role at Mass is very important.  It is a privilege to serve God at the Holy Altar.  Therefore, you should take this special ministry seriously as you assist the priest and the deacon in celebrating the Eucharist.

The MASS consists of four parts: 

(feel free to print out these two cards below and keep them handy for ready review)

“For what is the altar of Christ if not the image of the Body of Christ?  The altar represents the body of Christ and the Body of Christ is on the altar.”  

St. Ambrose