Holy Cross Small Church Communities (SCC)
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Core Team
The Core Team is the leadership team for the Small Church Communities. Core Team members give the communities direction, act as communication links for the facilitators, plan spiritual growth experiences for the facilitators, and plan opportunities for the Small Church Communities to come together as a larger church community. The Core Team is also responsible for assuring that RCIA inquirers and candidates are welcomed as members of our Small Church Communities. 
Group Member
Because our Parish is such a large church community, all parishioners are encouraged to join a Small Church Community to experience church in a smaller setting. You are encouraged to "try" a group to see if you are comfortable with it, or move to another group if you are not comfortable. The commitment is to yourself and the group. The groups usually meet twice a month. Groups meet during the day or evening, depending on their members' schedules. Some meet in parishioners' homes and some meet at our church. 
A Small Church group is a great way for parishioners new to our community or new to our Parish to become active in the Parish and meet new people with similar interests.

Small Church Communities   (Reprinted in part from Catholic Herald)

Small Church Communities are small groups of parishioners who meet to pray, share their church and care for each other on a personal level. Each Small Church Community uses a facilitator who acts as a link between the Small Church Community, the core team and our Pastor. The facilitator always keeps the group aware of its connection to the larger Church. 

                                                     Points of Contact for Holy Cross SCC’s:


Dan and Carol Thompson  805-990-2358         

                                                             Emai:  SCC@holycross-moorpark.org 

Sign up now:  
To learn more about our Holy Cross Parish Small Church Communities we invite you to call one of the two couples above, email us at the email address above or just fill out one of the sign up sheets (click here).

The sign up sheets may be downloaded or printed, filled in and emailed to the address on the form.  They may also be dropped off at the Parish office.  

We are the Body of Christ - many are completing their 6 week Lenten commitment to Year of Faith SCC groups.  If you are interested in joining a group for another 6-8 week commitment, email or call us.  Groups are continuing and new groups may be starting.  Sunday Scripture Fellowship, Bible Study, Hiking Groups, Moms & Babies, Young Couples, Summer fun - what are you looking for?  

Come connect with your fellow Moorpark Catholic Christians and grow in faith in this Year of Faith.  

Our Holy Father said, "[...]I begin my apostolic ministry, in this year that my venerated predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, with a truly inspired intuition, proclaimed the Year of Faith for the Catholic Church. 

With this initiative, which I wish to continue and which I hope serves as a stimulus for each of us in our journey of faith, he wanted to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council, proposing a type of pilgrimage to what is essential for every Christian: a personal and transforming relationship with Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who died and rose again for our salvation. The heart of the Council's message lies precisely in the desire to proclaim this ever-valid treasure of the faith to the persons of our time.[...]"
(Pope Francis, Audience with representatives of Churches and Ecclesial Communities and of other Religions , wednesday, 20 march 2013).
Donna and Dave Will   805-529-3622