Religious Education


At Holy Cross, Religious Education is an exceptionally important ministry and affords a wide variety of opportunities for almost every parishioner to serve and to learn.

Sue Jones is our Adult Director of Religious Education and Faith Formation.  She can be reached at 529-0283 or

Erika Jones is our Elementary and Junior High Director of Religious Education and Faith Formation.  She can be reached at 529-0283 or

Elementary Religious Education classes are held for kindergarten thru fifth grade. Preparation for First Communion can begin in the first grade. Children are introduced to scripture, liturgy, sacraments, the commandments, and the fundamentals of our faith during the course of the elementary program.  Please contact Erika Jones at 529-0283 if you have any questions or need assistance.

Junior High Ministry includes sessions for those in middle school. The Junior High curriculum expands the topics covered in the elementary grades and gives the participants a solid foundation for Confirmation preparation that comes in high school.  For more information on this Ministry we invite you to contact Erika Jones at 529-0283.

The Confirmation Process is a minimum of two years for teens and is open to students entering ninth grade to eleventh grade. During the first year, candidates must also attend a one-day retreat and at least six Youth Ministry events. During the second year, candidates must attend a weekend retreat, usually in February, and at least four Youth Ministry events in addition to the preparation sessions. Candidates must also complete eight hours of community service during each year of the process. The sacrament of Confirmation is conferred in May. For further information please contact Julie Cleary at 529-0283. She can be reached also at

Adult Formation classes are held weekly.  These sessions include a track for RCIA as well as for those adults seeking to receive their First Communion and/or the sacrament of Confirmation.  The sessions begin in September and go through the end of January except for the RCIA track which extends until the Easter Vigil.  These sessions are also open to anyone who is simply seeking a greater adult knowledge of his/her faith.

Registration (First Communion, Confirmation, Elementary, and Junior High) This is a link to our online/digital registration. If you cannot register online please call the office, leave a message, and we will get back to you. At this point it is difficult to know what restrictions we will be under come September. Each program will be deciding just how they are going to proceed. We will still be starting in September. As time goes on we will get a better idea. For now we do know that elementary classes, including all First Communion preparation, will be "At Home" programs. We will keep you updated as things progress.

Registracion (Primera Comunión, Confirmación, Primaria y Secundaria) Este es un enlace a nuestro registro en línea / digital. Si no puede registrarse en línea, llame a la oficina, deje un mensaje y nos comunicaremos con usted. En este punto, es difícil saber bajo qué restricciones estaremos en septiembre. Cada programa decidirá cómo van a proceder. Seguiremos comenzando en septiembre. A medida que pase el tiempo tendremos una mejor idea. Por ahora sabemos que las clases de primaria, incluida toda la preparación de la Primera Comunión, serán programas "en casa". Lo mantendremos actualizado a medida que las cosas progresen. .

“Catholic education is an expression of the mission entrusted by Jesus to the Church He founded.  Through education the Church seeks to prepare its members to proclaim the Good News and to translated this proclamation into action.” To Teach as Jesus Did, 1972, #7

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