Catholic Charities - Moorpark Pantry Plus

  Corporal Works of Mercy:

These are the charitable actions by which we help our neighbors in their time of need.  They are:

            Feed the Hungry

            Give drink to the thirsty

            Shelter the homeless

            Clothe the naked

            Visit the sick

            Visit the prisoners

            Bury the dead

            Give alms to the poor


Overview:  The Moorpark Community Services Center and Food Pantry.

The Moorpark Community Services Center and Food Pantry opened its doors in 1978.  The brand new Center is located at 612 Spring Road - between the Moorpark Police Station and the Railroad tracks. 


Hours of operation:

9:00-1:30 PM Monday through Wednesday

9:00-1:00 PM Saturday

The phone number is 805-529-0720




This Center provides safety-net services to the residents of Moorpark.  That includes food, clothing, and limited rental assistance, utility assistance and, if donations are available, prescriptions, funeral expenses, car repair, and other unexpected needs that a family or individual may experience. 

Because of the generosity of the Moorpark community, this Center provides Holiday programs for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Mother’s Day.  Also, when possible the Center provides a Birthday cake and gift program, a “good report card” gift incentive program and baby shower baskets for expectant mothers.

The Moorpark CSC partners with Food Share, local churches, civic organizations, and some Moorpark businesses and Moorpark schools.  Local volunteers keep this Center open.  Hundreds of hours are donated each month to carry, sort, pack and distribute food and clothing; to input client data; and sign-in clients. 

In 2008-09 the Moorpark staff and volunteers served a total of 3,596 people in Moorpark and provided them with 50,084 services. This means that the average client receives 13.9 services from the Center during the year, i.e. food, various holiday gifts, clothing, utility assistance, eviction prevention, etc.   

The Moorpark CSC had a total of 9,685 client visits during the 07-08 FY.  Verifiable need is the primary criteria for service.

The Moorpark Community Services Center has 1 part-time staff person (25 hours) and the operating budget for 2008-09 is $76,734.00.

This Center is part of Catholic Charities of Los Angeles, Inc., Ventura County Region.*   The organization is a 501c(3) private non-profit and our tax identification number is available upon request.  Catholic Charities is accredited by the National Council of Accreditation.  Each program is responsible for raising all the funds it needs to operate.

*The MP-CSC is one of four Community Services Center operated by Catholic Charities of Los Angeles, Inc., Ventura County Region.  The other Community Service Centers are located in Oxnard, Ventura and Thousand Oaks.