The Lord God has given me a well-trained tongue, that I might know how to speak to the weary a word that will rouse them ...”  (Isaiah, 50:4)


Holy Cross Lectors are parishioners who volunteer their time and talents to serve our faith community.   They are well trained to proclaim the scripture readings at the Sunday, Holy Day or Weekday Masses.

On Sunday, we have two Lectors to read the first and second readings. One of the Lectors will also lead us in the Prayers of the Faithful after the Homily and the Creed. The Prayers of the Faithful are the prayers in which we remember special intentions such as those who are sick or any other special needs of the community.

For more information about this ministry, please contact Deacon Pat Coulter at 523-7111, email at dnpatcoulter@holycross-moorpark.org or call the Parish Administration Office at 529-1397. 

Lectors:  Please see the Master Schedule for dates and Mass times when you are scheduled to serve.  If you are not able to serve when assigned, please arrange for another lector to cover for you or at least notify your partner so that he or she will be prepared to cover both readings.