We know you want your wedding to be a wonderful and genuine event. We also know that your engagement can be a hectic time as well. We hope this information will put you at ease as you understand more about the blessings of Catholic Marriage.

This section has the basic guidelines for Catholic weddings at Holy Cross. Normally, either the groom or bride live in Moorpark, at least one person is Catholic and ideally a member of our parish. 

The later sections are optional readings you might enjoy about Catholicism and Marriage in general. Read as much as you like. You might find it a good review of things you already knew or maybe your first time experiencing our faith. Whether you are Catholic or not; we congratulate you again on your love, your commitment, and in considering Catholic marriage as the cornerstone of your future together. 

Catholics are baptized people who...

  1. - share the same faith, love, and hope in Christ

  2. - are committed to love God and one another

  3. - and worship as one community on Sunday and Holy Days

To be "married in the Church" is not only to use a sacred building on one special day, it is a powerful and personal commitment to belong to God and His community every day.

We believe that marriage is so much more than a legal contract. We believe marriage is a Sacrament; or a visible sign where we can actually feel God's love, experience His grace, and rely on His support. Your love for each other is where you may come to know the love and grace of God. Your love can even inspire other people to know God as well. We believe your love is that powerful.

We know the world desperately needs to see the love that you as a unique couple can give by your vows to each other. That is why we hold marriage and your relationship in such high esteem. We have an interest, as you do, in helping your love continue; to deepen and grow strong. We want you to be happy all the days of your life!

Marriage Preparation

Every couple, of course, wants their ceremony to be a genuine and authentic event. The ceremony is your free and mature public declaration to the community and to God of your (a) permanent commitment to each other, (b) your decision to live as a sacramental sign of God's presence in the world, and (c) your desire to share your life, love and faith with any children you might have.

Special Circumstances

Certain circumstances require special consideration. Read more on Pregnancy, Age, Prior Marriage, Motivation, Cohabitation

Marriage Preparation Programs

Of course, every couple has their own special story of commitment. We presume that most couples are ready for marriage, but they may not be sure of what a Catholic Marriage involves, even if a Catholic education was part of their background. During this engagement time, as adults, you can learn together. Each event will be explained in this section as well as how to make arrangements for each one. See list of programs offered


There are four documents you will need to obtain before you can be married. See the list 

Planning Your Ceremony

There is a lot that you can do to make the ceremony reflect our faith and your personality. Read more on the rehearsal, decorations, photography, music and expenses

More:  We know you have have dozens of more questions and we look forward to being of as much assistance and support as we can be during these exciting times.  Please don’t hesitate to call, email or ask your Priest, Deacon or Wedding Coordinator.  We are all committed to making this one of the most memorable days of your life.

Again, Congratulations and God Bless you both. 

Congratulations on finding your perfect life-partner and on your engagement.

We invite you to start the planning for your ceremony by calling our Parish Office at 529-1397 to set up an appointment with one of our priests or deacons and to pick up a copy of our information brochure (see bottom of this page)  

We are delighted about your interest in being married at Holy Cross. After all, love, commitment and family are the very heart of Catholicism.